• Who we are

    Who we are

    Founded in 2006, Treten is a group of specialist technology and business solutions companies operating throughout sub-Saharan Africa that provide a range of solutions to customers in both the private and public sectors.

  • Our purpose

    Our purpose

    We are a responsible and sustainable business with the purpose of aiding our customers in solving their real business challenges through provision of sustainable game-changing technologies and solutions.

  • Our vision

    Our vision

    Our long-term ambition is to positively influence the good governance space through providing game-changing technologies and solutions that build and sustain responsible and leading businesses in Africa.

  • Our hope

    Our hope

    We hope that our technologies and business solutions can contribute to sustained economic prosperity for Africa.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Our aim is to provide effective, practical and tested technologies and business solutions which support institutional programmes and enhance strategic outcomes for our customers.

  • Unique business solutions

    Unique business solutions

    Treten’s consulting division provides practical and sustainable solutions to optimise your strategic process, risk management and quality management programmes.

  • Game-changing energy technologies

    Game-changing energy technologies

    Through our energy-efficiency division, we challenge the status quo and create new reality. We aim to be a significant player in high impact energy solutions in the African market. Learn more

  • Effective technology governance

    Effective technology governance

    We have successfully assisted several organisations to implement effective technology governance and leadership. We have hands-on specialist skills in holistic technology process and can bridge the gap between theory and practice for your organisation

  • World-class firewall management solutions

    World-class firewall management solutions

    Large enterprises, managed service providers and government agencies demand the capabilities found only in FireMon firewall management solutions. FireMon allows organisations to retain visibility into network security, compliance and IT risk, which is necessary for preventing intrusions and potential breaches before they happen.

  • Leaders in Smart-DDI

    Leaders in Smart-DDI

    Through our continental partnership with EfficientIP, we provide unified management frameworks for DNS, DHCP and IPAM, we can help you optimise performance and security of your network infrastructure.

  • We are alive in Africa

    We are alive in Africa

    With over 50 institutional clients throughout sub-Saharan Africa and a growing reach into under-serviced markets, Treten has a deep-rooted understanding of the African market, its customs, dynamics and the business needs of this market.

  • We are serious about Africa

    We are serious about Africa

    We understand the African markets and have invested in the necessary resources and competencies to provide meaningful solutions to our clientele wherever they may be in Africa.

  • Our service ethos

    Our service ethos

    The Treten solution is by definition client-centric and sustainable. It is delivered in an environment that recognises our clients’ and partners’ contribution to our success and also the fact that our clients are people, that must be treated at all times with dignity and respect.

  • Supporting local labour

    Supporting local labour

    We make use of labour resources located in your region to create jobs and training opportunities for your local markets.

  • Why work with us?

    Why work with us?

    We believe in the principle that, when it comes to meeting or exceeding your expectations, it is not what we can do, but rather 'what we can do for you'.

  • Our contribution to empowerment

    Our contribution to empowerment

    We recognise and values local empowerment programmes in markets in which we operate.As an active contributor to empowerment objectives within African markets we strive to comply and on an ongoing basis, improve our empowerment rating.

  • We are unique

    We are unique

    Our solutions are provided by highly experienced professionals with proven industry experience in the sectors in which they advise.

  • We are skilled

    We are skilled

    We are proud of our diverse and complimentary range of skills, which has promoted our organisation as a centre of excellence with our clients. So deep rooted is our commitment to excellence that “value-addition’ in our services comes standard and is insisted upon...

  • Excellence through partnering

    Excellence through partnering

    Our quality and client care standard is unparalleled and remains ahead of most peers and advisory services companies. It’s in our direct partnering approach that the difference is made.

  • Our premium technology partners

    Our premium technology partners

    Treten is the official distributor of Transformative Wave Technologies solutions for Africa as well as prime reseller and integrator for the Firemon suite of network security and risk management products as well as the EfficientIP range of network automation (Smart-DNS, DHCP, IPAM) for Africa. We can also help you! Contact our technology team for more information. Read more

  • Other technology partnerships

    Other technology partnerships

    Some of our other partners include Symantec, McAfee, F5 Technologies, and Checkpoint

  • Africa footprint

    Africa footprint

    In order to ensure high-availability to our clients, Treten has two main service-hubs across Africa; its Southern Africa office and its West Africa office in Lagos, Nigeria. Additional country offices are being established across the continent in the medium term. Contact us for more information....



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Client Impressions

  • Thank you for an enlightening and enjoyable presentation
    – Farzana Safla
    Gauteng Treasury Risk
  • Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop
    – Mike Mohohlo
    Businessman & Board member of several SA companies

Some of our Clients

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